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Back On Track Testimonials

"Thank you for all your help. Harold's lawyer dismissed the case. Everything was settled."

J. Jimenez

Experience Legal Services with a Caring and Personal Touch

"Sheila helped me with my legal name change. After searching online and exploring Legal Zoom, I became frustrated and overwhelmed (I work full-time and this started feeling like a second job). This was something too important to get wrong so I needed some helpful guidance and advice. Sheila made this complex process very easy for me. She's well informed, transparent, efficient and affordable. She came to my office which was so convenient and she patiently answered my questions and walked me through the process step-by-step. Sheila is also well-connected and offered a referral that proved to work for an entirely different legal need. On a personal level, she was a joy to work with and an unforgettable touch was her sharing fresh fruit from her home garden. Sheila is authentic and believes in the spirit of people helping people. I was lucky to find her and I highly recommend her services."

 N. Anderson

"I needed some debt negotiations help regarding my car with the collection agency. The debt negotiators at back on track helped get my balance and payments lower by 50%, and it didn't affect my credit score." "I highly recommend back on track legal services!

Stuart Wong

"I had some credit problems, because of some late payments in the past. "And it really effected my credit score." So badly that I wasn't able to get a home loan, without paying a lot of fees, because of my credit score, and errors of debts that had been paid off, still being present on my credit report. But after the debt negotiators at back on track sent letters to the credit reporting agencies, my credit score shot up by over a 100 points!" I'm truly grateful to back on track debt negotiators!! I highly recommend them!"

Kenneth Herington

"I had a civil litigation matter that I needed some legal help with. I contacted the legal staff at back on track legal services. And I got all my questions answered, and I got the legal help I needed. The communication was beyond compare. They made me feel like they actually wanted to help me. Every email, every phone call message I left I got a response back before 24 hours had passed. This is a Great group of people! Highly recommend them!"

M. Cabral

"I had some family law matters that were very stressful. I was referred to back on track legal services, by a friend. I found the legal staff not only compassionate, but extremely understanding and helpful with my situation. They helped me with my family issues, and helped me feel better about my future too." Thank You Back On Track Legal Services!"

"You are Awesome!

A. Gruner

"I needed help with some landlord issues regarding an unlawful detainer matter. And I was referred to Back on track legal services by a friend of a friend. And I'm so glad I was because they helped me every step of the way through a very difficult time. I totally recommend this legal group!"

L. A. Kelly

"I needed help with some debt negotiations issues, and my funds were limited to what I could afford for legal help. I seen back on track legal services ad on craigslist, and at first I hesitated, but I decided to call and find out more information. I'm so glad I did! They helped me work out my debts and clear my credit report, and the cost was so affordable, I didn't need to get on a payment plan. I have sent several of my family members and friends to them since then."

A. Spearman

" I had some family matters, regarding child support, and child visitation, with my child's father, so I contacted Back on track legal services, by a recommendation from my sister. I'm so glad I did, they were so understanding, and really made me feel like they cared about me as a person, not just another client." "I totally recommend them!"

Sherry. S.

" I had some debt problems, including credit cards, that had went to a collection agengy. I had called some debt consolidation companies on television and looked up others on the Internet. Then I ran across Back On Track Legal Services. I called a couple of times at first to ask some general questions, and the service I received was so professional, that I decided to call back and retain them. "And I'm glad I did. they helped me get the best and fair from the collection agency." I highly recommend them." I actually have to many of my friends!"

C. Tejior

"I was referred to back on track legal services by a friend. I wanted to get my credit report cleared up, but didn't know how to go about doing it. And my friend told me that they assist with helping clear up credit reports. So I gave them a call, and within a couple of weeks, the errors were taken off of my credit reports with all three credit reporting agencies!" Thank You back on track legal services!" " You guys are Awesome!"

C. G. Ramis

"Sometime in Oct. 2015, I was in a pretty bad situation, with three accounts at a collection agency (Portfolio) totaling $25,000. This agency had previously filed three lawsuits against me at the Supreme Court of California. I couldn't afford to pay the debt fully, but the agency refused to deal with me. Then Sheila from BackOnTrack came in to help, and for a really small fee ($200) she convinced the collection agency to accept about 60% pay-off on all three accounts. I saved about $10,000 (considering the taxes). Now I'm free of debt and grateful to Back On Track Legal Services. I warmly recommend them to anyone!"

N. Baciu

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