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Back On Track Legal Services has had seven successful years in San Diego county! Thanks to Many of  You!! We will hold our fourth free legal open house sometime this year.  But you don't have to wait until then, give us a call, or send us an email for an appointment today.
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The number one mistake borrowers make when they are sued for a debt is failing to respond to the notice, which usually arrives in the form of a "summons and complaint." If you fail to respond, the collection agency will get a default judgment against you. This will open up new avenues of collecting the debt from you.

Default Judgment

    If you do not attend your court hearing regarding your credit card debt, the court has no choice but to enter judgment against you in favor of the credit company. Once it wins a default judgment, your credit card company start garnishment proceedings or actions to collect the debt. So it is wise to attend your court hearing, or respond to the "summons complaint" as soon as possible in the beginning once you receive it.

      30-Day Window

      Once a judgment is entered against you, the creditor can petition the court to garnish your wages Once the creditor serves you notice that he is going to sue, you and your attorney have 30 days to prepare an answer. The answer is your defense. It often explains why you don't owe the debt or owe the entire debt that your creditor claims that you owe. You or your attorney can submit this answer to the court within the 30-day period, and the court then has to consider it before issuing a judgment.

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